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Salter MiBody 1.3

Data Tracking application that works together with Salter MiBody Analyser Scale
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Salter MiBody

Monitoring your health is about more than just your weight reading today. It is understanding the total health status of your body and keeping track of changes over weeks and months, especially when you're on a diet or training for a marathon.

MiBody is designed to make this possible. It is a comprehensive body analyser scale that will determine your weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, visceral fat, BMI and BMR, giving you a more accurate reading of your overall health and fitness. Secondly it allows you to store your results and then easily transfer them to your computer for analysis and future reference.

The scale can store up to 30 results per person. Results are transferred to your computer using the USB flash drive supplied. Once installed you can analyse and manage your results using the MiBody computer software.

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